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Ultimate tiki experience

Tiki Beach is the ultimate luxury party destination.
We are a Tiki cocktail bar and Sushi Restaurant which attracts enthusiasts from all over the globe to experience party in our venue.
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Tiki vibes in a luxurious location

Tiki Beach opened its doors in 2017 in the fantastic and luxurious Forte Village resort in Sardinia. Named after the famous and particular tiki culture, the bar is famed for it’s Polynesian themed interiors…lit with an atmospheric glow. The cocktails, which are world renowned, attract enthusiasts from all over the globe.

Premium Cocktails

Tiki Beach cocktails are of high value, exceptional quality and are technically perfect. We pride ourselves on serving drinks that “wow” our guests. This is why our cocktails never arrive in traditional glasses. Instead, our specialty drinks are served in treasure chests, cored pineapples or even coconut shells.
Foglia premium cocktails
Foglia premium cocktails

High quality sushi

At Tiki Beach we take things to the next level. Our sushi is not just delicious, it’s an experience. With our tropical decor, lively music, and fruity cocktails, every bite of our sushi will transport you to a beachside paradise. Our chefs use only the freshest ingredients to create sushi rolls that are both visually stunning and packed with flavour.
Cocktail high quality sushi
Cocktail high quality sushi


With its décor, delicious fresh fruit cocktails and sushi plates, tropical flowers adorning every Honolulu Honey’s hair, a night out is set to be unique in every respect! Tiki Beach transports you into a world like no other!


Tiki Beach is fun and inviting. Every part of the people’s journey involves fun. Our guests leave Tiki Beach feeling touched by the playful tones of the brand!


Tiki Beach is the place where fun and playfulness thrive. Music is ingrained in our DNA, and we always have a resident DJ who curates the perfect playlist to set the mood for our guests!
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